We practice adult baptism through immersion and accept all other forms of baptism through transfer of membership.

Scripture is not black and white when it comes to understanding the mechanics of baptism. Some people were immersed, others received it through sprinkling or laying on of hands. Whatever the mechanics, baptism is the outward expression of what is going on in the heart of the person. It is sacramental and is the second most central part of a Disciples life. Baptism represents the journey of forgiveness and mercy, the reconciliation of our sins and the desire to serve, the birth of a new life in this world that proclaims the mighty and loving acts of God. Baptism ordains us into the priesthood of all believers because it represents the Spirit's blessing upon our lives. Once baptised, we are God's!

We prefer the practice of adult baptism because we believe the indivual must make his or her confession of faith, being in full knowledge of what it means to belong to God, and at an age where personal responsibility and accountability are thoughtfully considered. However, if one transfers membership from another congregation which performed child baptisms, thier baptism is also recognized (this has not always been historically true). The baptised person simply comes forward and recieves the right hand of fellowship (a hand shake) and publically proclaims that Jesus is thier Lord and Savior.

At First Christian Church, we welcome all baptised persons into the full life of the congregation and invite those who have not committed to a congregation, to consider our's as thier house of worship and fellowship of family.

Theological issues: 1) Sin and Forgiveness, 2) Ordination, 3) Holy Spirit