Holy Scripture

We approach the Holy Scripture seriously, but not necessarily bound by rigid interpretations.

We are a people of the Book, as claim many denominations and associations. We love the Scritpures; we study the Scriptures; we memorize the Scritpures; we apply the Scritpures to our daily lives. The Holy Scripture is our guide for faith and practice. It is the Word of God to us. That being said, there is not one particular doctrinal stance we affirm or deny when it comes to the Holy Scripture.

Good and Godly people read the same scriptures and come to different understandings. Some persons interpret it literally while another may interprets it metaphoircally. Many of us walk between these two poles; because, we all agree, there is much more we could and should learn. We believe God reveals Godself to us in unique and collective ways. Some approach Scripture as a means of answering a question; while, another may approach Scritpure simply to study its meaning and purpose. We believe we can learn about God, Jesus the Christ, and our faith from this diverse interpretative environment. Our faith community, through the Holy Spirit, keeps each other in check and we all grow because of the experience. The Truth revealed within Scripture is not a static object; rather, it is the living God as revealed through Jesus the Christ and through the Holy Spirit in all times and in all places.

Disciples approach the Bible with a measure of humility. Rather than arguing what we believe about the Bible, we trust God to speak through the Bible. We use our intellect, experiences, and tradition to discover what God is speaking to us. Our trust in the scriptures then informs us how to approach the many aspects of our lives. They are not meant to condemn each other, they are used to build each other up!

Theological themes: 1) Truth versus truth; 2) Authority; 3) Experience; 4) Cultural relevancy; and 5) God's revelation