Personal Faith

We do not only tolerate but welcome and celebrate differences of opinion about faith.

Most people can't stand differences of opinion about faith (even though evidence abounds that people DO differ about faith). But the tactic of oppressing divergent opinions simply hasn't worked, and has tended to rudeness at its best and cruel excess at its worst.

One of the unusual aspects of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is our commitment to diversity. We understand the importance of soul liberty in matters of faith and practice. We believe in the priesthood of every believer, which means to us that ultimately all of us must determine for ourselves what we believe. Though we may disagree about the details, we believe we can all unite around the one basic statement - "Jesus Christ is Lord."

Disciples believe the church should be inclusive and diverse. We have historically welcomed differences and even celebrated them. We prefer to approach our faith with a touch of humility rather than with a dose of arrogance. We resist the temptation to tell people what they must think or do. That seems to be God's job, not ours.

Many churches can give you pat answers to all your problems; however, they strip away the liberty of you knowing the God who accepts you where you are at. God desires us to find him, not when we have the "right" answer or have "corrected" our ways. God gives us grace freely. Accepting that grace, moves us to do everything to the glory of the One who found us. Disciples don't offer pat answers to life problems, we offer Jesus the Christ. Figuring out what that means comes in the midst of the struggles we face as indiviudals and as community.

Theological issues: 1) Liberty (freedom), 2) Priesthood of Believers, 3) Individuality and Responsibility